My Mission

The world is struggling to find peace and happiness during our current generation. Not for lack of trying, but rather a lost ability to focus on what is important. Those who push others down and categorize them, hide in the shadows. While the backbone of our great nation works until their feet become one with the ground. It is time to shine a light into those very shadows, brace our backbone, and grab the entire world's attention. 





Behind The Curtain

Peyton Wuori


An ideal word I would use to describe myself is a Creative. I am not

a Clothing Mogul, Website Guru, or Social Media tycoon, but I

enjoy the creation aspect that comes with each task. Being able to

not categorize my ambitions or skills, allows me to dabble in 

everything design related. I am in the business of forging beauty  

and elegance. My mission for PAY A10TION is to use that beauty and

elegance in design, to showcase the world we live in, and where, I believe, we 

should be paying attention.


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